When they go round to “consult”, you will see everyone, especially those who have suffered the effects of misgovernance the most, make a beeline to the venue of the “consultation.”

They all have one expectation in mind: the take home from the “consultation.”

Thereafter, you will hear them analise with glee, how much so, so and so candidate gave to every unit, wards and to each delegate. The more a candidate gives, the more applause he/she receives and the more weight accorded his candidature. So the candidates are always encouraged to spend more.

In the Nigerian political calendar, the period of consultation is like a period of harvest where the party tickets are sold to the highest bidders and the people lap it all up with glee. The harvest normally pervades the entire election season where the people, forgetting their immediate past, live happily in the euphoria of the handouts given to them daily.

Many a candidate have been ruined who lost the party ticket, either due to being outspent or outmanoeuvred by powerful interests. While those who win goes into government to dip hands into the common till to recover their investment with outrageous profit.

Come election Day, the people queue up to sell their votes to the highest bidders.

After election, they soon discover that they are no longer the beautiful brides as they are completely ignored while those who have invested, share the booty of their win.

The harvest has dried up and the same people will complain about misgovernance and corruption in government.

Why? But you ate up your tomorrow yesterday.