It is arguable that congugal sex was created for procreation and not for pleasure. When it remained so, there were no issues of women infidelity in marriages.

Sex became a problem in marriage when women started “cuming” and they discovered that through playing with themselves – the beginning of lesbianism.

Women were not meant to cum and do not use to “cum” or how do you think Solomon was able to satisfy his numerous wives and concubines.

Once women discorvered “cuming” through the unatutural means, man was in trouble. Since then their lifespan has been shorted as they have to work extra hard, stay longer, use different styles, gadgets and even tongues to make the women cum. Our aged fathers got married to nubiles and had children through them and we never heard of anyone dying on top a woman. Today men have to seek help through various means just to make women cum. They drink all manner of heart, liver and kidney damaging concoctions and drugs to live up to being “men”

Think about it, our old parents lived in one room apartment and have kids, having sex without moaning, but today we live in three bedroom apartment, still the neighbors cannot sleep because we are having sex.๐Ÿ˜›