By Austin Emaduku

Whosover coined the word “Human Race” is the first racist. Out of his bowels spewed forth racism. What is in a name? Check with the human race.
As a noun the word RACE is used to describe “a competition between runners, horses, vehicles, etc. to see which is the fastest in covering a set course.”
Used as a verb, RACE means to “compete with another or others to see who is fastest at covering a set course or achieving an objective.”
They called humanity a RACE and since then humans have been running against one another. What a rat race it has been running, stumbling, climbing and falling over one another. When Bob Marley sang his satiric song Rat Race to describe the political situation of his time, he probably also had the human race in mind.

Thus we became a RACE, one huge race – the HUMAN RACE – partitioned into two teams of BLACK RACE and WHITE RACE constantly in a competition against one another.

So we look at skin colour and use that to judge our essence and we say we are different. Are we? Strip a human of his outer covering and underneath lies his humanity. We all – black and white – need same basic things to survive. We breath in oxygen to live, it is colourless. We need water, it is colourless. We have blood in our veins, it is neither black no white. Our hearts and lungs beat and breath the same. We have common basic needs such as food, shelter and sleep essential to life – they are colour blind. The skin colour plays no role at all in sustainability of life here on earth, yet this is what we have focused on as essence of our humanity. How did something so inconsequencial become the source and cause of division, strife, death and bloodletting among humanity?

And today we stand on the divide and proudly say “Black lives matter” ” White lives matter” No, Please stop! Stop right now!! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

Credit: Thanks Harriet Gore for the insight that gave the inspirition. Love to All Always

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