I do not understand Nigerian politics. I cannot understand why the opposition, even though, quite aware of it’s minority status will  want to snatch the leadership of the National Assembly from the majority party. And we are not even talking of a slim majority here!

Is it so that it can frustrate the policies of the national government  that also holds the majority in the legislature or what? In Democracies across the world, a synergy is required between the Executive and the legislature for governance to succeed. That is why every party   worldwide seeks to control both the the Executive and the Legislature for ease of governance and once they win, they are usually left alone to enjoy the benefit of that seamless relationship for the good of national governance.

Even in advance democracies with entrenched differing political ideologies, the party with the majority in the legislature takes the leadership. The party with minority simply settles in to play the role of the opposition. That is what is meant by the concept of opposition politics.

Sometimes I wonder if our politicians or Nigerians who goad them on in this journey of infamy understand what the concept of opposition politics is all about. You can’t be in minority and seek to lead and control. You can have your say not your way. That’s the will of the people through their votes and you were elected to protect and respect this will.  The very concept of democracy connotes the rule of the majority.

Having said that, perhaps it will help our understanding if our  politicians can provide answers to these questions. what exactly are your  interest in politics? How does it help the nation to have a National Assembly that is antagonistic to the Executive. When will we stop to draw the line between opposition politics and the national interest? Isn’t a shame that a party is  struggling to take through the backdoor what it lost through the popular vote? Does that not amount to subverting the will of the people?

I am not a politician but as a stake holder in the Nigerian nation, it pains me so much that we have otherwise intelligent Nigerians encouraging this anomaly. How did the back and forth of the last dispensation move the nation forward? Why foist on the nation what is clearly not beneficial to it?   Why do we understand and always want to play our politics upside down?

We like to  blame INEC when it is  apparent that  the problem with our electoral system is the desperation of our politicians on all sides to grab power at all cost.

Abeg make shame dey catch una small. What is bad is not good. Let’s put the national interest above party – read –  personal interest for once.

Democracy is a government of the majority will of the people. It is that majority will that took you to the National Assembly. Do not subvert it. Do not break the ladder with which you ascended your Olympus height.
Let us build  the democratic culture by entrenching the right mindset of opposition politics.  Democracy is not war.