Until we are able to design an electoral process that  will    involve just  the voter interacting with the ballot without too many intermediaries, we will never  have a rancor free  electoral contest.

The problem with the Nigerian electoral system is more with the desperation and  mindset of the Nigerian political actors  towards elections, than with the electoral process or umpire. The win at all cost mentality is our bane. Very sad that our people are yet to come to terms with this or choose to play the ostrich. I have said it over and over again that those who deny the truth will have to live with the consequences of turning away from the truth.

 We must therefore reduce  to the barest minimum, any interference that exists between the voter and the ballot.

Let the voter interact directly with the ballot like we interact directly with our phones and ATM cards and from which ever location he/she wishes. If GSM and ATM card systems can protect our funds and information, they  can as well protect the sanctity of our votes.

We must redesign the voter registration card along this line. 

Let us remove the physical barriers of polling units and ballot boxes.  And even of card readers operated by third parties.

Let us handover the voting process to the voter. He should be the centre piece of the voting process. Not INEC, not any political party or security agencies.

As for this election, I have no sympathy for those shedding or will shed crocodile tears. You are all guilty as hell. What you sow is what you reap.

This one is over. It is an imperfect system that is susceptible to many vagaries and  manipulations. No one should expect anything near perfect from it. The process will run the same course even if repeated a hundred times.

The losers will just have to accept defeat and move on. No one should hold the nation to  ransom for their selfish reasons. Nigerians should be wise and not lend themselves to be used to destabilise the nation.