Sin is not just transgressing against God’s laws. Just as there are crimes of commission and  omission, so also are there sins of commission and omission.

The most pervading sin that plagues the majority of mankind is the sin of cowardice. Yes! Cowardice is a sin. Take Pontius Pilate. He was overtly concerned with maintaining  cordial relationship  the Jewish leaders. So he gave Him up to be crucified while sanctimoniously washing his hands of His innocent blood.

To keep silent in the face of tyranny is sin. To see evil and to choose not to speak for whatever reason is sin. So also is betrayal sin.

This is not to judge but to enlighten for we all have sinned and fallen short of Grace. In these season of love and sacrifice, in this season of redemption, in this season of forgiveness, let us reflect on these things. Salvation has come but we must not continue to sin because Grace abide. He paid the high price. Let’s reciprocate Him by shunning sin.

Happy Easter